The DMAD program offers a 2-year associates of applied science degree intended to prepare students for a job in digital media.

Our program focuses on the various methods used to organize and transform media, ideas and concepts of digital media into completed projects from start to finish showing the skill needed to gain employment.

The students’ success will depend on a deep understanding of the digital media process and its diverse technologies. All students will be immersed into the essentials of web and broadcast design, 2D and 3D animation, and DVD and video production. These core competencies provide the basis for the specialized instruction specific within the Digital Media Institute. Thus, whether it is 3D modeling and animation, graphic design for print or broadcast, visual effects, web technologies, or combining new media experiences, students will gain the skills necessary not only to work effectively in the existing areas of digital media production but to help shape the future of technology as an employee as well.

Coursework in the Digital Media Animation and Design program includes: - 3D Modeling, Texturing, Animation and Rendering in Maya - Motion Graphics for Broadcast and Film with Photoshop and After Effects - Non Linear Digital Video Editing using Premiere Pro - Designing and Creating Web sites for showcasing student talents using Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash, and Illustrator, as well as authoring DVD’s and creating Digital Audio for student demo reels with Encore and Audition

Examples of careers in Animation and Digital Media include but are not limited to: - Web design and development, including streaming media - 3D modeling and animation for Broadcast and Digital Film - Non Linear Editing for Video production and Digital films - Visual Effects for TV and film - Broadcast Design for advertising and TV.

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If you have any questions about the application process or about the DMI program in general, please email Brad Matson. You may also reach Brad at 580.628.6458.
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